Thursday, May 26th, 2022 
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Foods To Watch Out For After Tooth Whitening

Foods to avoid after teeth whitening

There is no doubt that tooth whitening in Dover New Hampshire can be helpful, especially since studies show that some people dealing with stained teeth may have self-esteem and societal issues. Still, caring for your recently whitened teeth does not stop at the dentist office. Did you know that certain foods can re-stain your pearly whites? The following will help you avoid or decrease those foods to keep your teeth white and bright for those social media pictures.

Pigment-Rich Foods

Before ink became widely used, natural pigments found in foods served as ink or paint. Well, you should avoid or limit your consumption of these foods, because they can stain your new white teeth. The following are a few of the foods that you should stay away from due to their pigment concentration:

  • Dark chocolate, including all those brownies you love
  • Any dark soup or stew, stick with clear soups for now
  • Beets, which have a very deep color that may be beautiful but can stain your teeth
  • Dark marinades or sauces could be staining
  • Blueberries and any other dark berry should be skipped for a while
  • Any dark vegetable in general, like eggplant should be reduced.

You do not have to eliminate these foods completely, but while your teeth bleaching treatment is still fresh, you want to be cautious. You can talk to your dentist to find out when you can eat these foods freely.

Stain-Causing Drinks

Some foods do not really cause a problem until they are brewed or extracted into liquid form. For example, grapes are relatively safe but could be a problem once concentrated due to the phenolic content. You want to stay away from the following, which may cause issues:

  • Grape juice, either natural or from concentrate
  • Any red wine, which also contains phenolic compounds
  • All types of coffee, even if you try to whiten it with cream
  • Green tea, which contains concentrated pigments and should be avoided
  • Dark soft drinks should definitely be avoided, especially those with sugar, which is bad for your overall oral health.

Again, it may be okay to enjoy these beverages every now and then. Just be sure to limit your intake, at least initially. One thing to consider is using a straw to drink your favorite beverage. Sipping your drink might also help reduce contact with the liquid. Another tip you can implement into your life is rinsing out your mouth if you happen to consume these color-saturated foods.

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